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Zion Radio Group LLC is a startup broadcast company working to get funding to purchase their first radio station.  The company was founded by Dr. Roger E. Henry Sr in 1983.  Dr. Henry has spent many years learning about the industry and about how to format a radio station.  We feel we are ready to own our first station and are now active seeking funding for the station.  For more about the company select the link below.


Zion Radio Group LLC is seeking seed capital for the purchase of a radio station in the Central Ohio area. Our goal from this donation campaign is to collect at least $500,000 to purchase a station.  To complete our transaction we may have to borrow more money but this seed money will give Zion Radio Group the opportunity to approach companies about purchasing their station.

Zion Crowdfund About Us

Zion Radio Group LLC is planning to own radio stations in two basic formats.  Our first format will be upbeat Christian Radio which we will call Contemporary Hits Christian radio.  This format will include Christian Rap music along with Christian Dance and Urban Christian music.  The format will be targeted to the under served 18 - 40 year old Christian audience.  The other format we will broadcast is Old School R&B.  This format will be targeted to the 40 and older audience who enjoy music from the 1960’s through the 1980’s.  For more information about these formats click the link below.

Zion Formats

Zion Radio Group LLC enjoys getting feedback from interested people.   Feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below.

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